…the history of a club is the history of its ups and downs, of its successes andfailures. Everyone likes to relive the magic moments of success; the time when dame luck seems to smile unembarrassed upon his club. But one must not forget the moments of frustration and failure; the time when everything seems to go wrong. It is with these memories in mind that one has to look upon the thirty years plus of ¬†Otters ASC.

Laying the foundations


It is difficult to trace the actual date when the team was formed. However, the first players who joined the club were registered with the Gozo Aquatic Association on the 28th July, 1971 and thus this date is normally considered by club members as the date on which the club was formed. The founder members of the team itself included Anton Refalo, Victor Grech, George Calleja, Carmel Debattista and Frank Masini.


The history of the club started humbly with the team having to participate in the Second Division of the Gozitan Waterpolo League along with other teams which nowadays are defunct such as Ghajnsielem,  Sea Urchins and Blue Sharks. The first year was a promising one with Otters A.S.C. being promoted to First Division. The following years, Otters A.S.C. also had the chance to play against other Gozitan teams such as Dolphins, Whales and Penguins, teams that have all been dismantled as time went by. In 1973, Otters A.S.C. started competing in the Minor League, which was being organised by the GAA for the first time Рread more history here.