George Calleja – Otters ASC icon

Otters ASC owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to George Calleja, a co-founder of the club, whose untimely death on 26th July 2015 shocked and saddened his many friends and colleagues, in particular past and present members of the extended Otters family since the foundation of the only remaining waterpolo club in Gozo in 1971.
He was indeed the heart, mind and soul of Otters ASC. He served the club with exemplary loyalty and deep commitment as a key player, model captain and visionary President. His vision, determination and astute decision taking paved the way for the establishment of Otters as a household name in the Maltese waterpolo scene. His determination to widen the horizon for his beloved club and the vision he showed in convincing Otters club members to participate in competitions organised by the ASA, the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta were instrumental in ensuring a positive future for Otters ASC. The club would have died a natural death had it not been largely for George Calleja’s foresight.
The much-lamented George had a genuine passion for waterpolo and for sports in general. His knowledge of sports was profound. He could talk for hours perceptively on a wide range of sports. He embraced the values of honesty, commitment, fairness and collegiality that make waterpolo and all other sports at their best so enthralling and ennobling. George’s personal integrity, his deep-seated honesty, his sensitivity, his foresight and his continual search for constructive dialogue and co-operation when important decisions had to be taken keep on providing the beacon that will continue to shape and inspire the way in which Otters ASC tries to build on the foundations laid by George and other co-founders for a bright future. George will forever remain in the hearts and minds of all of those who love Otters ASC.

Frank Muscat, former President of Otters Aquatic Sports Club.