In view of the recent comments on a Swimming Pool in Gozo, the committee of Otters Aquatic Sports Club is pleased to note that:

(1) a number of entities, personalities and individuals have publicly acknowledged the need and the benefits of a pool in Gozo. A project which, apart from catering for the needs of the Gozo residents and Maltese and foreign visitors (families, youth and the aged), should serve to enhance the local tourism scene by attracting foreign swimming and waterpolo clubs. The committee publicly thanks all those who have expressed themselves in favour of this pool.

(2) Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, has embarked on the process of researching ways of submitting an application for funds from the European Union, so that alternative energy would be the main source of heating the pool. This would ensure that the running costs are kept as low as possible.

The National Pool at Tal-Qroqq has been operating since 1993. Since then a few other pools have been built or refurbished on mainland Malta. Otters Aquatic Sports Club feels that it is Gozo’s turn to witness the construction of a pool which has been promised for so many years.

The Gozo Sports Complex – where the
Gozo Pool is planned.